BOOK REVIEW – The Curiosity Keeper, First in the Treasure of Surrey series

by Jude Mason (Narrator), Sarah Ladd (Author), Thomas Nelson (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

Camille Iverness is the Curiosity Shop Keeper, along with her disreputable father who supplies the shop with the trinkets and treasures it sells. Where he gets these items  is anyone’s guess. Camille runs the shabby shop’s front desk and keeps the ledger while her Pa is away on “buying” trips.

One night when she is alone, a tough man comes in demanding the “Bevoy” which Camille knows nothing about. Violence ensues, and thanks to another man forcing in the door, she escapes, but with a bloody arm wound. The second man whisks her away to safety leaving the shop wide open.

Jonathan Gilcrest, an apocathary from the countryside, is also after the “Bevoy” to save the family estate for his gambling-addicted father. Camille is the jewel between all these men: one seems  gentle, all the others are greedy and cut throat.  Whom is she to trust?  And what is the coveted “Bevoy.”  In THE CURIOSITY KEEPER, Sarah Ladd, reveals the secrets and leaves destiny up to the strong-willed Camille to choose.

It’s a feel good story with intrigue, adventure, tragedy, hope, and love. Sarah Ladd has done admirable research for this historical “regency” novel, and it is written well.  Nararrator, Jude Mason makes it a very enjoyable listen.

4.5 stars


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