BOOK REVIEW – Secrets of the Galapagos

by Sharon Marchisello (Author), Ann Flandermeyer (Narrator), Milford House (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

A missing person, greed, extortion, murder, and tortoise-napping…. whoa!  This book is full of secrets, has action, suspense, and a touch of “hot” romance. 

Giovanna Rogers is a persistant and fearless protagonist on a cruise with her  grandmother to “catch her breath,” when things go sideways. She’s been decieved by a dastardly business partner and dropped by a flaky fiancé, and she’s determined to set things right and get some closure.

The Galapagos seems like a good place to decompress, but mystery awaits her at every turn. While she waits for the “partner” to show up, she acquires some friends, including a very handsome policeman, and tries to untangle a missing friend and a missing tortoise problem. But circumstances swiftly change and Giovanna finds herself in a position of life or death. The suspense increases as bodies fall and the bad guy aims for escape…again.

Sharon Marchisello‘s SECRETS OF THE GALAPAGOS is also full of beautiful scenery, cool environmental informaton about the famous tortoises, a glimpse of cruise ship life, and a sweet geneational relationship. There may be a tiny too much of these, but solving the mystery and setting things right is totally satisfying.

The “romance” doesn’t get explicit, just a bit hot in the “pre-stuff”. I liked seeing the Galapagos and learning about the tortoise research. The mystery and suspense kept my interest, and the narrator was super good. I mean, when Giovanna screamed…. so did the narrator. Wow!




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