Book Review: Purpose in Prayer

by E. M. Bounds

A Mini Book Review by Jackie Houchin, (Audiobook, 4 hours 7 minutes)

PURPOSE IN PRAYER was very encouraging and empowering! I loved hearing examples of how common, everyday people prayed and made a difference in individual lives, the ministry of pastors, and in the start of revivals.

Jesus said, “If ye shall ask anything in my name, that will I do.” And E. M. Bounds took it from there.

The pointers and challenges about more earnest prayer that were laid out in this book, made me want to examine my own prayer life and seek the face and the will of the LORD boldly and with increased faith.

All believers would profit from this book. It can easily be read many times over, receiving new insights each time. I highly recommend it.

Narrated by Scott Harrison

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