Book Review: The Baker Street Letters

by Michael Robertson

A mini book review by Jackie Houchin

The Baker Street Letters, by Michael Robertson. What a fun, imaginative audiobook I’ve just finished! (6 hours, 19 minutes,

A century later, and Sherlock Holmes still “seems” alive to quite a few people, who write to him about their unsolvable problems. Because the Heath brothers’ law firm leases the office space at the famous fictional detective’s address, it is their responsibility (small print in the lease agreement) to send back each correspondence with a form letter. All goes along smoothly, until one request catches Nigel’s attention. Reggie reminds him of their responsibility, but Nigel must follow through. From there all kinds of murder, mayhem, and malice develop toward the brothers and their friends both in London as well as in Los Angeles.

Intriguing and suspenseful, with real historic facts and incidents. I didn’t have a clue how it would get untwisted and resolved until the last 4 minutes of the audio book. And then, a surprise. Well, a couple surprises (ha ha)

Excellent narration by Simon Vance



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