BOOK REVIEW – Heart of Barkness, a Chet and Bernie Mystery, #9

by Spencer Quinn (Author), Jim Frangione (Narrator), Recorded Books (Publisher)

An Audiobook (MINI) Review by Jackie Houchin

HEART OF BARKNESS features great writing in a great mystery story. And super fantastic narration by Jim Frangione to boot!! (He actually “makes” it the best.)
Spencer Quinn has put country western music at the heart of this story plus a few mean hombres (perps) for Chet to chase, and a horse too this time. But the terrific man/dog duo takes care of all of them and rescues an aging country music singer in the process..
Bernie is back on the job in this book after a near-death experience in the previous one. Chet’s meeting with him, just out of the hospital is priceless!  Being in Chet’s head as he narrates the story, showing and telling us about his love for Bernie and his view of things via “the nation within” is a great part of Quinn’s books . We admire Bernie and his persistance for justice, but every one loves Chet. There is even a song written about him included in the book!
You are never disappointed with a Chet & Bernie mystery!




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