BOOK REVIEW – Robert Murray McCheyne: Life is an Adventure (Trailblazers)

by Irene Howat  (Author) 

Young Adult Book ReviewY\ by Jackie Houchin

Scotsman, Robert McCheyne’s life story is told here in a very accessible way for young readers. They will relate to his fun times as a boy as well as the seriousness of his call to tell others about Jesus and salvation. He was a talented preacher, poetry writer, and artist; all gifts that God gave him for his ministry.

It was hard to read about the poverty and sickness in those he ministered to (making me so grateful for the medicines of our day), but McCheyne’s great love and concern for them and his continuous bright outlook and humor made him well loved in his congregation. It was hard also to read about his own illness (tuberculous) worsening, even as he traveled a year through the Holy Land with a heart for the Jews. But he had such joy; such hope of heaven and seeing the face of Jesus.

After the main story there are several pages of “thinking points” on each of the chapters with scripture and questions. These will be helpful to make what readers learned to sink in, and even to address things in their own lives. This is Book 1 in the 64-book Trailblazers series about Christian men and women of renown.

Four Stars




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