#BLOGanuary Post – #30 My Autobiography Chapter Titles

#BLOGanuary (a month of blogging) question for January 30, 2023.


What would you title the chapters of your autobiography?

At first, I thought, that is just TOO hard.

I don’t WANT to write an autobiography or even a memoir.

(Although a friend in my writer’s group has been encouraging us to do just that. “Everyone has a story!” she urges. And yes, she wrote her own life’s story, wonderfully illustrated, titled – A SCRAPBOOK LIFE.)

OK, I tell myself, I’ll write down just 10 chapter headings and be done.




THIS is what I came up with….


  1. A Sister!
  2. Hanging By a Head
  3. The Bobby Pin
  4. The Long Trek
  5. Trailor Park Life
  6.  Daddy’s Demise
  7.  Rude Awakening
  8. An Auto Repair Shop
  9. The Lone Ranger
  10. Joe Boysen
  11. The Gunsmith
  12. Church Camp Decision
  13. Nancy’s House
  14. Locker Combinations
  15. The 3-Mile Walk
  16. Pimples and Fat
  17. Denny Murphy
  18. The Evil Out There
  19. Double Dating
  20. A 12th-Grade Diamond
  21. Dr Dentist
  22. Hollywood Firsts
  23. No Valentine’s Day
  24. Miramar Reality
  25. Cats and Cooking Disasters
  26. Baby Mine
  27. Hot Rods First
  28. Adoption Debacle
  29. Terror and Escapes
  30. Wrong Way Turns
  31. Dancing With Devils
  32. Comedy and Tragedy
  33. Horsing Around
  34. Deadly Diagnosis
  35. The Southern Retreat
  36. Losing Family
  37. Faith
  38. Africa and Beyond
  39. Letters to Kids
  40. Pandemic Teaching
  41. See, Hear, Speak No Evil
  42. Cruising
  43. Grands and Greats
  44. Face the Future

Gosh, maybe I SHOULD write my autobiography!

IF YOU WERE ME, with which chapter would YOU begin. Tell me your answer in the Comments.

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