BOOK REVIEW – Light On Bone, A Georgia O’keeffe mystery

Kathryn Lasky (Author), Nancy Peterson (Narrator), Tantor Audio (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review

Kathryn Lasky’s LIGHT ON BONE is the most “wow” book I have read in many years.

It is an adult mystery (not for objectionable sex, language, or violent content, but for the eloquent, high quality of writing, and seriousness of theme).

The protagonist is the painter, Georgia O’Keeffe. The story is set in the super light-infused desert of New Mexico in 1935 and this setting plays a big part in the way Georgia sees things.  I loved how her artist’s mind helped her follow the twists and shadows and hidden clues of the murder investigation, keeping some aspects to herself and sharing others, even when she is secretly threatened. She gets on the good side of the local cop (he admires her quick mind, observational skills, and fearlessness) and helps point him in the right direction. Sometimes this is in a personal way.

Along with the perplexing local murder and other mysteries, Lasky entwines growing Nazi rumors and spy secrets to complicate things, encouraging the thought that there may just be another war…”greater” than the first.  Characters such as Howard Hughes, Charles Lindbergh and J. Edgar Hoover (head of the Bureau of Investigation, not yet the FBI) make an appearance, as well as a few old-time movie actors. There are a few antisemitic and racial slurs by some characters, ones that occurred during that era, but Georgia does a good job of slamming the ones speaking them.

I know readers say a book is a “page turner” all the time, but I seriously had to struggle to stop reading LIGHT ON BONE when I had to do other things. The writing and the story are mesmerizing. And narrator Nancy Peterson, does a wonderful job of increasing the pleasure of this read.

MORE than five stars.


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