#BLOGanuary Q – Annoyance in My Home?

#BLOGanuary Question – What is most annoying about your home?

by Jackie Houchin

I love my home, it is perfect* for a couple of retired, active people. It’s in a nice sunny area in Orange County, California, in a good neighborhood, on a slight hill and away from brush areas so we have no flood or fire dangers. It’s the perfect size for us: two bedrooms and an office, two bathrooms and a GIGANTIC back yard that I’ve filled with a good sized lawn, fruit trees, flowers, and veggies in season.

Okay, what’s not perfect about it?  I would love to have the above tub in one of the bathrooms.  The master bedroom has a lovely, large walk in shower, with a pony wall that hosts pots of real-live greenery.  The other bathroom has a shower-tub combo with a sliding glass door.  The problem is, the bathtub is one of those older plastic ones, and it has cracked. We’ve had it “patched” several times, but it still leaks when you fill the tub even 1/4 full. Fine for shower taking, but not for soaking.

It would be a major remodel to change out the shower-tub combo (demolish current tile and floor, cut up tub and remove, new tiles and purchase of the tub, and appropriate plumbing to go with it).  Hubby is not willing to pay the cost, and I guess I’m not willing for all that mess for who knows how long.

So I continue to be annoyed that I can’t take a bath (soak with bubbles and read a book) in my own lovely home.

Anyone out there have a tub like this?  Do you like it? Any inconviencenses?


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