BOOK REVIEW – The Pot Thief Who Studied Georgia O’Keeffe: The Pot Thief Mysteries, Book 7

J. Michael Orenduff (Author), Austin Rising (Narrator), Audible Studios (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin. 

 Orenduff’s writing of his hero Hubie Schuze is so funny. I loved this book (and series). Hubie is really very smart and talented but the author gets him into situations and places that baffle him. Fortunately, he has a good friend and partner in crime to help him out. Susanna is a very likable character as well!

Hubie is unabashedly a thief, and often a liar (but he hates that). He digs up very valuable ancient Tompiro Indian pots and sells them to rich collectors at his Spirits & Clay pottery shop. He is also not afraid of making his own knock-offs and selling them too.

In this story, he actually digs up a valuable pot from the uber-protected, highly classified, Trinity Site at the White Sands Missile Range. But he has to rebury it to avoid getting caught. Trying to go back to get it again proves very tricky.

After that, it’s like a game of the pea under one of three walnut shells that keep moving around a table in quicker-than-you-can-see actions. Where is the real pot? The fake pot? And the other fake pot? Why do they appear in different places? Who’s got the real one? And which amount of money was exchanged?

All during this time, his romantic relationship with his Hygienist girlfriend heats up and he gets a new renter at his Adobe, a funny British bloke with ulterior motives. At times the story is like the Keystone Cops – hilarious.

Oh, and a character gets murdered. Hubie has many suspects, but every theory has a flaw. Who? How? Why? There is also a Georgia O’Keeffe painting with no providence that gets mixed into the mystery. How will it all turn out? That’s what kept me turning the pages.

Narrator Austin Rising is terrific in clearly voicing all the different characters.

FIVE Stars



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