“BLOGANUARY” – What is it? How does it work?

An Essay by Jackie Houchin

BLOGANUARY is a challenge to write EVERY DAY in January on your WordPress blog, and join the community, if you desire. Here’s how it works. WordPress.com sends you a question by email every day. Your challenge – should you accept it – is to write a post that is your answer to that question.  Here are the questions so far:

January 1 – What is something you want to achieve this year?

January 2 – How are you brave?

January 3 –What is the earliest memory you have?

January 4 – What is a treasure that’s been lost?

January 5 – What brings you joy in life?

January 6 – Why do you write?

January 7 –

I’m waiting for tomorrow’s (7th) prompt so I can do a compilation of the all the first week’s questions. You disbelieve? Ha! Me too. But, let me gather my thoughts so far and see how it lines up.

What do I want to achieve this year and do I think I’m brave enough to accomplish it?  I’m to think back – way back – to dig up my earliest memory. Look at it from all angles and decide if it represents a treasure lost, or a joy I can approprited in my life.  I’m to consider my thoughts about sitting at a keyboard or notebook and putting those thoughts onto screen or paper. What are my motives, my goals and hopes, my fears that tag along with me and keep me from progressing. What light is set before me, what hope of joy in accomplishment is out on the horizon, what good for someone else can I possibly DO?  And are these enough of an incentive to write?

I’m not sure.  I need to wait until tomorrow’s Bloganuary question, and hope I can tie it together.

Will you come back here, and read it with me?

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