BOOK REVIEW – The Mountain Between Us

Charles Martin (Author), George Newbern (Narrator), Random House Audio (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

   I’d give this book SIX stars if possible!  Anything written by Charles Martin is bound to be a winner, and The Mountain Between Us is no exception. He knows how to wring out of the heart every last drop of emotion; aching grief, disciplined self-control, determined strength when not an ounce is left, loyalty and faithfulness, love, tenderness, restraint, and the wonderful, sweet humor that binds it all together. Yep, if you have read Charles Martin, you know this.

The Mountain Between Us (which has several meanings that you will see as you read) begins in a Utah airport. Snowed in, flights cancelled, disappointment and anger all around. The author singles out two people in the crowd, Dr Ben Payne and the soon to be married Ashley Knox. Faced with long waits and lines for mediocre hotels, Payne asks an older ace pilot if his small single-engine plane can fly them to Denver. The guy promises they will get to their destination that day. He flies low, “under the radar” stretching the rule of only one passenger.

Something happens during the flight and Ben awakes freezing cold, in pain with two or more broken ribs. Next to him is the half-covered in snow, unconscious Ashley, one leg twisted at an impossible angle. The body of the old flyer is nearby, with his tough little Jack Russel Terrier licking his face.

Above 11K feet,100 miles in the middle of a white wilderness. No one knows about the flight. No one will be searching.

The next 31 days will prove a trial by ice and snow, pain, hunger, and fear. It is a story of survival that left me stunned, and woven in it are secondary personal stories that climax at the end…the VERY end.

The narrator is perfect for the characters’ voices.  I highly recommend this book.





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