BOOK REVIEW – Christmas at Carnton: A Novella

by Tamera Alexander (Author), Devon O’Day (Narrator), Thomas Nelson (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie  Houchin

  Christmas at Carnton is a heartwarming faith-based story set during the Civil War in the South (Tennessee). A desperate war widow with a young son and a baby on the way struggles to make her way. She has only a few days left in her house before it forecloses.

In a moment of perfect timing, Aletta is hired at the Carnton plantation house to do baking and decorations for a huge event – an auction to raise funds for the Confederate troops.

Neighboring women join in this effort to bake and quilt and saw for the sale. They also comfort each other for their losses. Aletta knows the job lasts only till after Christmas. What she will do then is a question she can’t answer.

Into this scene comes a wounded soldier – wounded in a way Aletta can’t see. Why is he not fighting the war with such a minor shoulder wound, when her husband had given his life for the cause? Is he a coward? But Captain Jake keeps the truth of his real injury a secret. His commander, hoping he can heal and then return to battle, sent this valuable soldier to help at the auction and represent the troops.

As hard as she can, Aletta tries to resist the kindness of this man toward her and her young son, but finds her heart drawn to him. Does she want to chance the pain of losing someone again?  She decides she doesn’t.

Christmas at Carnton is hard to put down once started. I recommend it for a few hours free time in a cozy place to read it through. You will enjoy Devon O’Day’s good narration too.

5 stars


(Available also in print and as an ebook)


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