BOOK REVIEW – Mrs Jeffries and the Silent Knight

Emily Brightwell (Author), Jennifer M. Dixon (Narrator), Tantor Audio (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

I enjoyed Mrs. Jeffries and the Silent Knight. The super-smart housekeeper and the staff of Inspector Witherspoon always help him solve the murder cases, but without him knowing it. The idea is clever and you DO feel sorry for the man, as kindly but clueless as he is. He needs some help, but his ego wouldn’t support his asking for it.

In this book, the murder is of a titled person of the gentry and there is a ticking clock set at midnight of Christmas Eve. If the Inspector does not solve it by then, he may be demoted to desk clerk!!

The Inspector has quite a time with the snooty snobs of the victim’s household who are just too “above it all” to cooperate. And besides that, none of them liked the old coot or are sorry he has been killed. In fact, the whole town and the peerage together think him a horrible person. Except one. There is only one who likes him, and that one is used by the murderer to ace him.

Mrs. Jeffries of course finally “gets it” after a lovely group of caroler’s sing Silent Night and Good King Wenceslaus at their door. I love the author’s play on words in the titles and content of the Christmas songs.

In this mystery, I was a bit frustrated with both Mrs. Jeffries and the Inspector for not following a VERY compelling lead that was quite obvious to me, and referred to several times in the book. Yes, I know, the story must be played out for each of the staff helpers to take a part in, but this time, it just seemed as if everyone kept stumbling over the obvious and not picking it up.

But this cozy mystery book was an easy, gentle read for the holiday season. It will keep your mind off the howling wind and piling snow outside.

4 Stars




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