BOOK REVIEW – Antique Tragedy, A Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery, book 5

by Victoria Tait  (Author)

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

Amateur sleuth, Dotty Sayers is developing quite nicely as an expert on antiques. She’s been employed by Akeman’s Antiques since her military husband died a short time ago. Her knowledge of valuable antiques, even antiquities, is growing from experience and the classes she’s taken. But her knowledge about men involved with priceless antiques is sadly lacking.

In book four, her heart (and confidence) was broken by a man that she thought loved her. In this book, she is slowly recovering (thank goodness) and when a stall owner at an Antiques Fair is murdered, her naturally sharp brain kicks in. She recalls details that even her friend Keya, a Policewoman on the scene, does not remember. But there is a man in this story, one of two, actually (read carefully to see if you can pick the right one) who deceives Dotty again. Oh no!!

I love how Dotty connects tiny things (and how the author, Victoria Tait, slyly writes in those things for her to find. Yes, I often miss them, and have to page back. Then, after an ah-HA! moment I continue on).  There are plenty of possible culprits in this book to choose from as the murderer, so you must be clever and watch the details.

Antique Tragedy is unique in that the author (and Dotty Sayers) leave a small murder UNSOLVED at the end!!  How can this be?  Has our favorite sleuth been knocked about too many times?  Will this small murder of an insignificant woman go unsolved? Unpunished?  Dotty!!!

Me thinks this is another sly plot twist that will grow into something massive in the sixth (of six) book in the series. Will “E.” get her due?  Will the man who deceived Dotty be caught?  Will Keya and Officer “Onion” start a Tea shoppe together (just kidding)?  This is a clever book, one that surely whets your appetite for a lot more of Dotty L. Sayers!

And yes, all the other characters are alive and well too, including cats, hogs, and cows!






One thought on “BOOK REVIEW – Antique Tragedy, A Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery, book 5

  1. Hi

    That’s hilarious, thank you.

    Dotty is in even more trouble in book 6, and I’m working hard to bring everything together. As for Keya and a tea shop …. Watch this space!


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