BOOK REVIEW – The Christmas Joy Ride

 An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

The Christmas Joy Ride is another light, fun, heart-warming Christmas story by Melody Carlson. Thirty-something Miranda’s elderly neighbor, Joy (born on Christmas), wants to make one more trip in her RV down Route 66. She has sold her home in Chicago and is heading to Phoenix to where her two sons and families live. But she wants to bring “Christmas Joy” to some people along the way who are down on their luck.

Joy convinces her young neighbor, Miranda, to ride along with her. Miranda is recently divorced, deep in debt, and has had her home foreclosed. With only a bit of hesitation, she agrees. What has she got to lose?

They start out in a very brightly decorated and lit up RV loaded with gifts, decorations, and fresh cookies to spread “joy” along the way – and they do. Oh, boy, do they ever! Every stop means a lump in the throat for the reader.

But with a huge winter storm looming, something happens to turn their joyful trip into a disaster. It makes you wonder how it all will turn out. What can happen to fix it?

After some tense scenes and a few tears… well, lets just say, there really must be a Santa Claus. Most definitely an angel.

This is the story of a sweet friendship between two women with 50 years difference in ages and a gently blossoming romance. Just the right generous and joyful attitudes for the season. \Narrator Cecili White does a wonderful job too.

Four ½ Stars






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