BOOK REVIEW – A Christmas by the Sea

Melody Carlson (Author), Emily Durante (Narrator), Dreamscape Media, LLC (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

This is a feel-good, hopeful story that I loved. A sweet romance about a young widow, Wendy Harper, and her son returning to the cottage by the sea in Maine, where she spent idyllic summers with her grandparents.

Now, it is hers, by inheritance, but she knows she must sell it to pay for all the bills her husband’s long sickness and death incurred. And she has to have something for her son’s future too.

SHE knows it, but 12-year-old Jackson does not, and he’s become a different boy since coming to Seaside. Gone is the melancholy, bullied, and silent boy. Here, he has blossomed into a joyful, helpful, friendly, brave young man.  But…she MUST tell him, and soon!  They ARE selling the cottage and going back to the city. They HAVE to!

But she loves the town, the people they’ve met, and especially the cottage they’re fixing up. So many sweet memories. Still, there is no way they cannot sell it. She needs to be a responsible parent even though it will break Jackson’s heart.  Until that is, a rescuer comes in the form of a fake hardware store clerk.

There is suspense, and fun, and hope with despair.  The ending is a bit corny and contrived, but, hey, it’s Christmas. Anything can happen.





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