BOOK REVIEW – Christmas at Harrington’s

by Melody Carlson (Author), Caitlin Kelly (Narrator), Dreamscape Media, LLC (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

 CHRISTMAS AT HARRINGTON’S is a sweet, honest, feel-good book about an unfairly convicted woman, just released from her time in prison for a crime she didn’t do, facing a sometimes unforgiving world. Beaten down and nearly broke Lena Markham arrives into a town in Ohio – states away from her own town which had forsaken her – to see if she can make a new life.

On the bus ride from the prison, she meets a dear elderly woman who shows her kindness. Later at a boarding house she meets another woman and her daughter who are also in hard straights, and befriends them. Things seem to be looking up as she gets a job listening to children’s wishes as “Mrs. Santa Claus” at Harrington’s department store.

But before long, the dark clouds of her past overshadow her life again. Desperate, she looks to God and receives strength to go on. But it is not until someone truly believes in her innocence that she knows the true meaning of Christmas.

The story is well written, not cloying, and the narrator perfectly voices Lena, the children she meets and encourages, and the men and women in the story.  It will give your heart a lift.

Five stars.


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