BOOK REVIEW – The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves, Book 1: Egypt’s Fire

Tom Phillips (Author), James Fouhey (Narrator), Blackstone Publishing (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

Tom Phillips has an amazing imagination for thinking up plots and twists and cliffhangers and laugh out loud characters. And James Fouhey has just as much imagination in voicing all the wacky characters Tom Phillips creates!  From a young boy (John, our red-headed hero, who lives in a museum because he’s and orphan), to a crazy magician, an Indiana Jones type Detective Inspector, a scary, big and mean Master of the terrible Jersey Home for Boys, a dancing actress named Pickles, a talking monkey named Shim-sham who is a deceiving fence for stolen items, and of course, the Mauve Moth, an uncatchable jewel thief.

The mystery surrounds the theft of the $billion, gigantic red ruby, the center of the Museum of Natural History’s exhibit – the Egypt’s Fire, which has, some say, hypnotic powers. Craziness ensues as the good guys go after the villain (no, not John, although at first he was suspected). No, they are chasing that elusive Mauve Moth to the moon and back (well, almost). There is a circus involved, a silver locket with an astonishing photo inside, uncles and moms and brothers and dads too, and an organization with the initials, S.O.S, which John desperately wants to join.

What fun to go along on their misadventures! And I mean, there are some wild ones. You simply MUST listen to this delightful, wacky, wild, wonderful audiobook mystery for kids – The Curious League of Detectives and Thieves, Book 1: Egypt’s Fire. Adults will totally love it too!

FIVE Stars





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