BOOK REVIEW – A Daily Rate

by Grace Livingston Hill (Author), Susan O’Malley (Narrator), Blackstone Audio, Inc. (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

  Originally published in 1900 by Grace Livingston Hill and recorded in this century, A DAILY RATE has a timeless message of love for God and others shown in selfless service. It Is a story of a young girl who depends on God for her needs and learns that He never fails.

Celia is desperately poor, and living in a bottom-of-the-barrel boarding house in Philadelphia. The rooms are run down and cold, and the food… well, it is uneatable.  She is a hard worker and very pleasant to the sick and grumbling landlady. She dreams of what she would do, if the boardinghouse was hers… AND she had the means to improve it.

The unimaginable happens and she gets an inheritance. How she uses it to help others in the boarding house and is rewarded 100 times over is the bulk of the book. How she learns several hard lessons balances the story with shadows that make the blessing shine even brighter.

There are a lot of Bible verses and some Christian poems and hymns read in appropriate places. There is sweet romance, and a bit of humor too. I guarantee a happy lump in your throat and glistening eyes as you listen to this sweet story packed with the gospel message.  I totally loved it.

Five (heart) stars.





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