BOOK REVIEW – The Wild Robot

by Peter Brown (Author), Kate Atwater (Narrator),

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin
This is a fun, adventurous, and imaginative story that Peter Brown has written for children. There are lessons of kindness and getting along, lessons on how not to judge people (animals) who are different than you, and how to work together in emergencies.
The Wild Robot tells of the shipwreck of a boat carrying human-shaped robots, onto an island where only animals live. Only one robot survives – Roz – and the animals run in fear, thinking she is a monster. But we read how she gradually learns to adapt, to converse and win their love and care for injured animals. Finally she finds and “adopts” an egg and hatchling gosling who sees the robot as his “Mama.”
It’s a tender story with some suspenseful and even sad elements, but it ends with a message of hope (and a suggestion of a sequel which will continue the story).
Kate Atwater does an excellent job of narrating the robot and the various animals. I thoroughly enjoyed the listen. Middle grade kids will too!
Four Stars

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