BOOK REVIEW – Hercule Poirot’s Christmas: A Hercule Poirot Mystery

by Agatha Christie (Author), Hugh Fraser (Narrator),

An Audiobook review by Jackie Houchin

 Another lovely typical twisted tale by Agatha Christie – a locked room murder mystery this time. one that stumped me to the end. I had my suspicions (and hopes of who it wouldn’t be), but I never guessed the killer’s name or how it was done.

A nasty old invalid man calls all his wayward sons and their wives home for Christmas. But he has no intention of giving them happy holiday cheer and reconciliation. Nope. He just wants to stir up strife and jealousy. And that he does, cackling with glee all the while. But it all comes back to bite him in the end…his end.. Present in the big English mansion are also a sack of uncut diamonds, two suspicious servants, and a Spanish granddaughter that nobody had ever met.

You will totally enjoy this audio mystery, although there is not much about Christmas in it.

The “Poirot” narrator (Hugh Fraser) is excellent.







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