BOOK REVIEW – The Shadow of Memory: A Kate Hamilton Mystery, Book 4

Connie Berry (Author), Ruth Urquhart (Narrator), Dreamscape Media, LLC (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review  by Jackie Houchin

Connie Berry’s THE SHADOW OF MEMORY is a suspenseful and complicated mystery, or maybe two mysteries (?) that are very hard to figure out. There’s a 60-year-old (accidental?) murder, plus a present-day killer on the loose. How are they connected? ARE they connected? It’s five kids playing Clue with real game pieces vs a boardroom of doctors and administrators with hidden agendas. Do the five even have a chance?

And what about that weird “sensing” that heroine Kate Hamilton experiences at times. In her job she authenticates rare art and in her free time she digs out clues to the murders. Can she identify the elusive criminal before her friend becomes the next victim? And what really happened 60 years ago in the Monkeypuzzle House?  The author is great at explaing each step of Kate’s investigation, going back to confirm them, and then showing her thought processes. I really enjoyed that.

Oh, and Kate is also juggling with decisions about her upcoming marriage to a handsome Detective Inspector, whose mother is not very fond of Kate.

Loved the book. FIVE STARS

The narrator is a good and clear.


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