by G. B. Pool

A book review by Jackie Houchin

G.B. Pool has written a suspense thriller that will raise your pulse, quicken your breathing, and have you sitting on the edge of your chair. And if you have claustrophobia, get nervous when you go down into caves, or are afraid of large creatures in the dark…this will be a nightmare. But it’s a nightmare you can’t put down. I literally read the last half of the book with my eyes wide, and my hand clamped over my mouth, and screaming silently, “No, no, no-o-o-o!”

When an older newsstand man goes missing early one morning, leaving only a bloodied arm in the sleeve of his torn coat and drag marks in the snow, a veteran Chicago cop begins to investigate. A large rabid dog perhaps?  What they find scares them to death. After putting several bullets into the creature, they see it is a humongous black rat, weighing in at over 100 pounds back at the morgue.

Then a pair of civil servants, checking the electrical system in one of the tunnels in the city sewers, come upon another one! And then they find a nest! But that’s not all they find. A huge cavern once packed with landfill is empty now – food for those massive rodents – and now the men can see the sloping foundation of a building hanging through the ceiling.

Corruption is both under the streets of Chicago as well as in City Hall above. And the horrors and then deaths escalate as the cover-ups begin. CAVERNS is a super scary read in more ways than one. Don’t be misled by the mild book cover, this book will scare the sox off you!  Bravo, G.B. Pool!

FIVE stars





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