The Windsor Knot, Her Majesty the Queen Investigates

By SJ Bennett, narrated by Jane Copeland

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

I began this audiobook; on the day it was announced that Queen Elizabeth had died. I wanted to read it in honor of her person and her long reign. The Windsor Knot portrays Elizabeth late in life, although her husband is still alive.

As sleuth in the matter of murder, Queen Elizabeth is sharp and dignified. And although it is she who solves the murder(s), she must and does allow others to take the credit. Some of those who investigated are honored publicly, while others, closer to her, receive their due privately.

The crime takes place in Windsor Castle – a shock in itself – as is the manner in which it was done. And although the Queen had a sweet “moment” with the deceased, she remains above it all, in majesty and poise. Only a very few know that she is working ‘behind the scenes” to solve the murder. I loved her personal secretary (what a privilege) who endangered her own life to secure information for her Queen. But I had to laugh at the somewhat bumbling MI5 head.

The ending with Elizabeth’s acknowledgments of service was very sweet. And the very private memorial set in a secluded spot on the estate was touching.

S J Bennett, the author of The Windsor Knot captures the Queen’s poise and mannerisms perfectly. She also portrays a softer, sentimental side of Elizabeth which I loved. Jane Copeland, the narrator does an excellent job of voicing Her Majesty.

God Save the Queen!

5 stars

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