Book Review – The Narrowboat Summer

Anne Youngson (Author), Helen Lloyd (Narrator)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

This sweet, rambling story made me smile throughout. Adventure, new settings and situations, plus fascinating people over a broad spectrum of life stories. Never a dull moment even if it is in a slow-moving boat along a map work of canals in rural England.

I loved each character along this journey and was eager to see how all these new things for each of them would turn out. It more than met my hopeful expectations.

A cranky old woman, owner and sole captain of a narrowboat named #1 has a health issue, but needs to take her boat for inspection to get it relicensed. Two middle aged women (strangers) looking for change in their lives just happen to come by the boat just when a decision must be made by the captain.

After quick instructions on how to operate it, the two women agree to take the boat 6-weeks away through a maze of canals to get it fixed while the owner goes to a hospital for surgery.

The story is mostly theirs and their experiences with the quirky people they meet on the long lazy but physically active trip. At the end, a multiple of decisions must be made for everyone involved. Where will they each go next?  A perfect solution for all!

The Narrowboat Summer is a very satisfying read about second chances, with a feel-good ending. Both the author and narrator made this book a smooth, very enjoyable book to listen to and dream about.

And there’s a dog too, a rascally one.

FIVE stars


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