Book Review: A Fatality In Spain

 by Blake Pierce, narrated by Kathleen Strecker

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

A FATALITY IN SPAIN, by Blake Pierce, is a crazy-wild mystery/romance that begins in Barcelona at the statue of a big cat and ends in Pamplona at the “Running of the Bulls”.

Diana, on a tour of the world to find herself and the purpose for her life, flies to Barcelona, Spain (#4 in her stops) to meet up with a man she briefly met at stop #3. She doesn’t even know his last name, but lest you are frowning at that, be assured this is not a story of promiscuity and one-night stands. She seriously only wants a fun traveling companion.

They are barely in Barcelona a few hours when Sean suggests they go to Pamplona for the famous Bull Festival and “run with the bulls!”  Although Diana has pledged to herself to “do something that scares you” every day, bulls terrify her and she tries to wheedle out. However, the fun easy-going Sean convinces her and off they go.

Once there, she meets a furious matador, an even more furious bull – El Gordo – and a slew of other characters with hot Latin temperaments. And, alas, also a corpse of which she is soon accused of murdering.

The rest is frantic investigation by her, dragging Sean along, and him enjoying beers and churros at every stop. Of course, the true villain is found at the end. Plus, a guy she’d maybe like for more than just traveling. Next stop, Dublin.

Great descriptions of Barcelona and Pamplona, and the terrors of running with crazy-mad bulls!

FOUR stars






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