Book Review: To Provence, With Love

by T. A. Williams

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

TO PROVENCE, WITH LOVE by T. A. Williams, is a novel set in the glorious Southern France countryside, with a solid plot and realistic characters. It has a bit of early Hollywood nostalgia, delectable French food and wines, friendly dog companions, and a reluctant romance.

Faye, a 28-yer-old whose life consisted of teaching English and French to classes of bored teenagers in England, while dealing with a very unpleasant boss, jumps at the chance to write the biography of an elderly film star living in seclusion at a Chateau in Provence.

Faye is interviewed by the client who has actually read the one book she’s written (a PG rated thriller!) and liked it. The job includes six months living in a Medieval Chateau among vineyards and lavender fields.  And…a very generous payment that could keep Faye going for a couple years – enough time to write another of her own books.

The story weaves its way through days of memories and writing, serene walks through forests and fields, into a village to buy fresh baguettes and eggs, and past the lavender fields owned by a handsome, brooding, and grieving young farmer. By the time the book writing is finished, Faye still doesn’t know if she will stay in Provence or try to go back to teaching in England. It all depends on the farmer.

An enjoyable, non-rushed book, with interesting side paths to explore.

4-1/2 Stars.






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