Book Review: In Times of Rain and War

By Camron Wright, narrated by Simon Vance

A mini audiobook review by Jackie Houchin.

IN TIMES OF RAIN AND WAR is a well written story about the beginnings of World War II in England when the devastating “blitz” bombing began. The main character is an American who comes to learn from and help a rag-tag squad of bomb disposal experts in London. Since America had not yet joined the war, he is viewed as an outsider. But he quickly endears himself to the commander and the men by his honesty and generosity, and his willingness to work right alongside them in extremely dangerous situations. After he kills his first man, and the war becomes intensely real.

While on a mission, he befriends a Jewish girl who is in England with false credentials. By and by their relationship sweetens even when he is told of her past. She teaches him the secret of letter-writing, which he carries long after the war ends.

IN TIMES OF RAIN AND WAR is an intense book, poignant at times, with an occasional faint light of hope and humor. And love. This is a great book for readers who enjoy historical fiction, especially of that era.

Simon Vance is an excellent narrator.

Five stars.


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