Short Story Review: Green, The Cambridge Murder Mystery

by Charlot King

A mini book review by Jackie Houchin

GREEN is a free-from-the-author “taster” Short Story, the prequel to Charlot King’s Cambridge Murder Mystery series. It introduces the characters – Professor Elizabeth Green and Inspector Abley – in the posh acidemia setting of the University of Cambridge.

The beautiful Professor Green is cool, calm, and collected. She knows how to take control of any situation she finds herself in, including a murder in the very Quad of her university “home.” Underling or Master of the College are equally intimidated by her, and with good reason. 

Notice the faint drawing of a statue on the cover. It features prominently in the story. In fact, it appears to be the murder weapon. I say appears, because that is what the police and forensic people believe until Professor Green marches in to set them straight. But how did she know…? 

A lot of money is involved, as well as valuable art objects, and poison. Greed, cover-ups, attempted and accomplished murder, and an adoring Police Inspector hanging on every word of the simply amazing Professor Green round out the story.  GREEN is a quick read, but fun, and a teaser for the series.

Four Stars.  




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