BOOK REVIEW – Outfoxed

by David Rosenfelt (Author), Grover Gardner (Narrator), Macmillan Audio (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

OUTFOXED by David Rosenfelt is familiar and wonderful Andy Carpenter. I love this character, with his good heart and great defense lawyer skills and funny asides. His uber smart ex-cop wife, inquisitive son, Ricky, and collage of unusual (massive or nerdy) friends and helpers make this series enjoyable.
This time, millionaire and mostly retired defense lawyer (and ower of a dog rescue foundation), Andy gets caught up in a case that bounced back from the dogs he loves. “Boomer” a quick-witted, friendly terrior is being trained as part of the prison rehab program. He’s bonding with a prisoner who has only 4 months to serve until release. But… the guy, using the dog as an escape pal, departs the prison early, and gets into a mass of trouble.
Andy quickly finds the escapee – Boomer has a tracker in his collar – and is arm-twisted into defending the guy, whom he believes is innocent of the double murder he’s accused of.
David Rosenfelt then gives us a legal mystery that is as twisted as the cords beind your desktop computer. It’s cyber crimes to the max, and he really does a great job of making it very interesting and clean-screen clear.  Who knew so much “bad” could come from a speed-assist computer program. Will Andy get the dog loving prisnor off?  Will he find and be able to expose the mega criminals that may lurk in cyber space (or next door)? Andy again finds himself in dangerous waters, but his “gang” saves his bacon. He even sets a good example for his young son, Ricky!  What’s not to like?
Actually, I loved this read/listen (as I do with all his books). And it was made especially enjoyable by the fantastic narrator, Grover Gardner.
Five stars!

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