BOOK REVIEW – Critical Times

by Steven Grzeszczak (Author) 

A Short Story Review by Jackie Houchin

This story is billed as a complex mystery with a challenge to READERS to see if they can unravel the sparse details of a crime that is discussed by four friends at a restaurant… and solve it. These four friends meet once a year in a remote place, discuss what is happening in their lives, and banter and argue about religion, politics, and social issues. But this year they hear of a crime that just took place, and get bits of news about it as they eat. How in the world can they solve it?  But they do.

And then comes the “whoa!” moment, and the reader sits in shock attempting to make sense of what they just read. What?  How can that be?  I’m still shaking my head, trying to wrap my mind around it.

And now, excuse me … I have to go back and re-read this story again. Maybe I can “see it better” and understand then. Highly recommend this short read.

FIVE stars

36 pages





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