BOOK REVIEW – When The Day Comes, Timeless book 1

by Gabrielle Meyer (Author), Rachel Botchan (Narrator), Recorded Books (Publisher)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

I am sitting in awe having just finished listening to WHEN THE DAY COMES. This book is very well written and narrated and so unputdownable! An extraordinary story! I know it will stay with me for many days.

Gabrielle Meyer’s dual story is imaginative and seems expertly researched historically. Her heroine, Libby, lives in two time periods, 1774 Williamsburg, Virginia and 1914 New York. Every time she sleeps and awakes, she is in one, and then the other time and place. She is, as was her mother and grandmother, a ‘time crosser.’

Two rules for time crossers: you must not do anything to change history, and at 21 you must decide which time you will remain in for the rest of your life.

As the story begins, Libby is approaching her 20th birthday and has every intention of staying in Colonial Williamsburg after her next, the same choice her mother also made. Here, she loves a man, a Patriot. Here is her mother, her sisters (not time crossers), and here is her important work; printing materials for the American Revolution. She knows the future of this war, having lived in 1914, but what of her own and Henry’s futures?

In Williamsburg she is facing the Revolutionary War. In her other life, World War I is beginning in Europe and will eventually touch her homeland.

The author writes rich setting in both eras and strong character development. She writes anguish as well as humor, deep love and deeper loss, and triumph. There are surprises you NEVER saw coming. And there is strong love for the Sovereign God and His will. Everything fits together in one perfect story.

WHEN THE DAY COMES is book one in the Timeless series and I’m already looking to purchase book two. There are hints in the final pages of this first book about what the next might entail. Ohhhhh. I can’t wait!



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