BOOK REVIEW – Two of a Kind: The Beginning (JAX DIAMOND MYSTERIES Book 4)

by Gail Meath  (Author) 

Gail Meath’s TWO OF A KIND is a prequel to her five book Jax Diamond series, set in the “roaring 20’s” in New York. It explains how and why Jax resigned from the Police Department, and acquired his new “partner” (a German Shepherd puppy), and leaves it open as to how he begins a “Private Eye” business, which is the basis for the rest of the books. It also explains a tiny bit of his past and how he got his unusual name.

In TWO OF A KIND, it is the puppy (later named ACE) who alerts Officer Diamond to a crime in progress. What falls out is sad, but the puppy just won’t leave Jax alone, following him, showing up for him in the best/worst of circumstances and finally just moving in with him.  It’s a very cute story.  TWO OF A KIND also documents a list of very unusual crimes. Someone is robbing all the toys from the major department stores – I mean the big, high-bucks stores – and it’s just a week before Christmas. Why? And more importantly who?  Together Jax and Ace discover and “take down” the bad guys.

Oh, and in the middle of all this, Jax signs up and takes cooking classes from a very well-known, highly sought-after chef in a fancy-pancie hotel. Yeah, I know, weird, but all is fun in this good clean mystery story. It truly makes me want to read more in the series. In fact, I just bought another one on Kindle.

Five stars


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2 thoughts on “BOOK REVIEW – Two of a Kind: The Beginning (JAX DIAMOND MYSTERIES Book 4)

  1. Jackie, I am so very honored that you not only took the time to read the book but left a review here for it. This series has been so much fun to write, and I’m thrilled readers are enjoying it just as much. Thank you!!! Gail

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  2. You are welcome, Gail. I really like the characters and am looking forward to reading more. I even bought a copy of this book for a friend – writer G. B. Pool – who writes mysteries in a similary style. I really appreciate the comment!

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