BOOK REVIEW – The Existential Worries of Mags Munroe, Book 1

By Jean Grainger (Author), Siobhan Waring (Narrator)

An Audiobook review by Jackie Houchin

You will truly get to know Mags Munroe before this book is over, and not just her “worries” (which are many and varied), but all about her inner thoughts, her family, her coworkers, the townsfolk, and the large family of Travelers (gypsies) who live nearby.

You will see her on her job as a sergeant in the Irish Guarda (police), dealing with the petty and serious problems in a small Irish town, including “saving the enviornment!”  Some matters are personal, like those her two young daughters face, like bullying and “monster” teachers. Others involve handling prejudices at the Gypsy family by members of the constabulary, namely one boastful, snotty Detective “Ducky.

And of course, as a woman of forty-something, there is dealing with those hateful symptoms of “the menopause,” a laugh-out-loud complication to investigations! Hot flushes DO come at the most inopportune moments!

Eventually she finds herself helping to solve a murder mystery involving the Gypsies and a crime gang, and saving the lives of 3 young girls while almost losing her own.

The Existential Worries of Mags Munroe is “a day in the life” (or month) of Mags Munroe, and when it ends, you hope madly that the author – Jean Grainger – has written another one or two in a series.

You will laugh, cheer, get angry, and even squeeze out a tear as you read. But, hey, that’s what makes a good book. And to top it off, the ending is so well written and suspenseful that you will not be able or willing to stop listening until the last word is spoken (or read).  Excellent “Irish” narration by Siobhan Waring too.

Four Stars.


Available in print and Kindle as well.





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