Shrines of Gaiety: Review

Momma Needs to Read

Shines of Gaiety
By Kate Atkinson
Historical Fiction
391 pages
Published September 27, 2022 by Doubleday Canada


In 1926, while still recovering from the Great War, the London nightlife was thriving. In the clubs of SoHo, you’ll find everyone from dignitaries to gangsters spending their evenings together and young girls selling them dances. The story follows the Night Club Queen, Nellie Coker and her six children as their nightclub empire faces threats from several others.

Based on the life of Kate Mayrick, also known as “Night Club Queen”, and the nightlife of London in the 1920s, this book was an incredibly interesting and compelling read. Kate Atkinson’s writing is captivating, she built up such a great cast of characters and a story that left me wanting more and more at the end of each chapter. I love books with a large cast of characters, when done correctly, which this…

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