Book Review – The Ghost of Midnight Lake

by Lucy Strange (Author, Narrator), Scholastic Audio (Publisher)

An AUDIOBOOK REVIEW by Jackie Houchin

  This mesmerizing read was actually impossible for me to turn off once I started. (I listened way past midnight.) Both the evocative writing of the story itself, and the perfect narration (by the author, Lucy Strange) make THE GHOST OF MIDNIGHT LAKE an amazing and breath-stopping experience.

It’s 1899, on the cusp of a new year, a new century, and strange things are predicted. The 12-year-old girl Agatha, at the center of this fascinating book looks for, and perhaps causes that prediction to happen.

Agatha is easily pictured in your mind, so well has the author written about her. You see her, you ARE her, as she faces one scary injustice after another, all leveled at her by her vile cousin Clarance, who has gleefully stolen her inheritance. (She has also stolen something from him that he desperately wants, and will kill for!)

As you listen (or read), you will see this determined “Aggie” act with courage and heart to reclaim what is hers, facing deadly tricks by her cousin, attacks by vicious hounds, and a maniac gravedigger with a pitchfork chasing her through a dark and creepy cemetery. The only help she gets is from a poor orphan boy, a gentle farm man, a goose, and a ghost. (Seriously!  This normal, elderly goose does something absolutely wonderful.)

The ending to this suspenseful story is absolutely right, and may even cause you cry out for joy!

I highly recommend this book for kids 10 and up and any adult who loves well-written and narrated books with a totally satisfying ending and a mysterious ghost who is neither gruesome or ghastly.

(There is also a lovely Note From the Author in the back of the book.)

FIVE+ Stars







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