Sarah, An Amish Romance

by Sylvia Price.

A book review by Jackie Houchin

SARAH is a sweet romance set in Amish country. Sarah’s mother has died and her harsh father – a leader in the community – is insisting that his 20-year-old daughter marry. Her mother had said Sarah could wait and find a man she loves, but her mother is gone and cannot stand up for Sarah against her father’s strong will.

And then, against all odds, Sarah meets a kind and gentle man, a widower with a nice farm, and falls for him. But in the meantime, her father has  made arrangements with the family of a neighbor boy for Sarah to marry him. It’s settled!  No arguements. How Sarah and her father work this out is the balance of the story. You will see how her father’s wishes are ultimately resolved. (There is a very special shawl involved!)

This story is very light reading. You could finish it in an evening.  At times I felt that non-Amish figures of speech and behavior were used, but for the most part they didn’t decrease the fun of reading it. Sarah is the prequel novella to The Amish of Morrissey County series.


FOUR stars





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