Book Review: Praying With Paul

by D. A. Carson, narrated by Matthew McAuliffe

an Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

D. A. Carson uses the wonderful prayers of the Apostle Paul in his letters throughout the New Testament to teach us about HOW NOT to pray. He does this to show us the importance of praying for the things that God wants to see in us. Paul’s letters to the churches, first tell them that he loves them and is constantly praying for them. He prays for their spiritual needs and that they will grow in righteousness by humbling themselves. But mostly Paul prays for the knowledge of Salvation in their lives and then the fruit of that salvation.

There is a section especially for Pastors on praying for their congregations too.

The material in this book is not light weight. It needs to be read slowly, with the Bible in front of you to follow the passages he reads and uses as examples. Taking notes would be good too. I would like to now get a print copy so I can underline and write notes in the margin. Although the audiobook does come with notes and a guide which can be found by going online.. A study guide, DVD, and leader’s kit for the book are available to purchase through Lifeway and The Gospel Coalition. Study Guide book-Print/Digital

McAuliffe is a clear narrator and easy to follow

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