Book Review: Dandy’s Daring Deeds

by M. Louisa Locke, narrated by Alexandra Haag and the author.

An Audiobook review by Jackie Houchin

DANDY’S DARING DEEDS is a fun collection of previously published stories about the exploits of a Boston Terrier in Victorian San Francisco.  M. Louisa Locke created the doggie character in her first full length novel, Maids of Misfortune, when he was brought into the scene as a puppy. (She includes an excerpt of this in Part One.)

He then gets his own short story titled DANDY DETECTS and solves a crime. (Part Two) In her second full length novel, Uneasy Spirits, it was Dandy’s intervention who saved the life of Annie, the main protagonist in the series.

Dandy again gets his own story titled DANDY DETECTS (Part Three) and finally DANDY DISCOVERS (Part Four), all in this audiobook.

I loved how the author introduced Dandy, read a few of the chapters in the full-length novels where he appeared and then gave him some short stories/novellas of his own. I think Locke has a great way of keeping her longer works alive by writing the shorter works in between, particularly these on the cute and very smart little Boston Terrier.

If you like dogs, you will really enjoy this collection!

The narration was very fine and fit the historical setting..

FIVE Stars




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