Book Review: Journey to the Cross, a 40-day Lenten Devotional

an audiobook review by Jackie Houchin

Journey to the Cross by Paul David Tripp, narrated by Bevan Greiner

In this Lenten Devotional, Paul Trapp takes his readers on a slow walk through the last days of Jesus’ life, particularly those leading up to the crucifixion and resurrection. It’s a very personal study and one I wanted to think on and pray about throughout each day.

He begins his meditations by relating incidents from his own life, often confessing his failures and sins, and then telling the lessons he’s learned, and how God met him in his need. Then he has readers look at Christ in such a quiet, tender way, that I felt like I should be kneeling.

His devotions are followed each day by “Reflection Questions” for the reader to consider. These help the message to sink in even deeper. And he suggests further scripture reading to complement the day’s thoughts. Often, I would review the previous day’s devotional before going on to the current day. There is so much I wanted to take in and retain. This is a wonderful book to read during the 40 days of Lent, but also again and again throughout the year. It’s also a book you’ll want to keep and get out next Lenton season. And the one following.

This book contains the Gospel message for seekers or new believers, and there Is deep truth for the mature believer to receive. It’s for readers in whatever stage they find themselves, who want to know Jesus.


Five Stars

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