Book Review: What Happened at the Cross, the Price of Victory

an audio book review by Jackie Houchin

What Happened at the Cross by Billy Graham, narrated by Milton Bagby

This audio book brought back memories of the Billy Graham Crusades I’ve attended or watched on television. First there are some awesome vocalists with beautiful, heart-rending songs. Then Billy might make a few comments about someone on stage with him and tell a couple anecdotes. After that he’d open his Bible and preach the Gospel, the Good News, the story of Jesus Christ, centering on the cross where Jesus died for our sins.

He’d tell the thousands why Jesus had to die – our sin that separated us from God – what happened eternally on the cross – Jesus paid the sin-debt that we owed God, which was death – and how his listeners should respond – by belief and trust in the saving work of the Savior, and God’s confirmation in Jesus’ Resurrection. Then Billy would give the invitation for any who wanted to be saved. And I would watch the hundreds who were touched by his message come down the aisles to confess their sin, look to Jesus, believe and be saved.

That’s how this book goes. There’s a short introduction by his son Franklin Graham, and an afterward by his grandson Will Graham. in between, there is the Gospel explained with numerous Bible passages. One chapter that I really liked was the Gospel preached by Jesus in his seven words from the cross.  Billy Graham could pick any scripture passage and preach the Gospel.

Then, in Part 2 – and you can revel in this especially in the audio version – all the scripture that was used in the book is now read one after the other. It’s amazing. It’s soul lifting. I found myself quoting them along with the narrator. Wow. Joy!

I recommend this book for Gospel information, for encouragement, and for praising God. If you are an unbeliever, here is the way, the truth, and the eternal life!

Five stars.


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