BOOK REVIEW – Priceless Betrayal (A Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery Book 6)

by  Victoria Tait  (Author)

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

What a superb wrap up to Victoria Tait’s six book British Antique Mystery series!  Although the author promises more of Dotty Sayers, PRICELESS BETRAYAL completes a character and mystery ark in her heroine’s life.

The story picks up in a tense situation as Dotty is stopped at the airport and accused of antiques theft.  It almost seems like a repeat of an earlier incident, but no, this is happening again. She is released, but told to remain available for questions. Then, not one, but two situations arise where our gal is accused of wrong doing, including murder!  Of course we readers “know” she couldn’t have done it, but even the higher echelon of the Police Deptartment seriously suspect that she did!  Dotty in jail!  Say it is not true!

But now is when her friends rally behind her; a network of talents and ideas, official and unofficial. They openly and secretly investigate and inquire. And they meet over scrumptious meals at Aunt Beanie’s farmhouse, compare notes and plan their next moves. Even in jail, Dotty is tasked with mindful investigative work, rethinking all the cases she’s been involved with and how they could intercept.

Victoria Tait does a great job of prying out the tiny loose ends and clues from the previous cases and braiding them together. The Antique smuggling ring that has plagued this part of the Cotswolds is unraveling. Can Dotty pull the final string?  But as Dotty and her friends get close to identifying the “kingpin” of the ring, it gets very dangerous for her. Dotty knows too much and it’s time for her to be eliminated.

I totally enjoyed PRICELESS BETRAYAL (and indeed it WAS just that!). It’s unique in that the protagonist is not in the forefront of the sleuting for a lot of the time. The secondary characters that I’ve gotten to know and appreciate in minor roles step up in this book. I loved that.  In fact, this has made me want to go back to the beginning and read through the series again to really “see” how the whole thing boiled to a climax in this book. Amazing!

A lot has changed for Dotty and her friends, and as they meet to celebrate with her at the end, we see new possibilities for the future. It makes me itchy for the next book(s).



If you want to start the series at the beginning and learn how Dotty became an expert in antiques, Victoria Tait is offering HOUR IS COME, the prequel to the six book Dotty Sayers Antique Mystery series for free here:  FREE BOOK.

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