#BLOGanuary – #13 – Do With a BILLION BUCKS?

by Jackie Houchin

For  #BLOGanuary 13th, wordpress asks What I would do with a BILLION US dollars if I had them.

First thought? – Pay my utilitiy bills. (All raised more, much more, than our meager raise in Social Security.)  SoCalGas Company = more than 35% more than last month with the SAME usage.  Sheesh!

Next thought was travel. I’d love for us to go on that 180-day cruise around the world with Oceania Cruise Line (with included excursions).

Next thought after that – and much less selfish – I have at least 25-30 charities that I currently “eek” out all I can to support throughout the year – Missionaries carrying the Gospel around the world, Rescue agencies for the poor, Health agencies fighting cancer, lymphoma, eye diseases, heart problems, and children’s diseases. Veterans’ needs for housing, and mental and physical health. And Christian schools and colleges would be other recipients.

More thoughts – I’d pay off the mortgages for my son’s home and our three granddaughters’ homes, plus any student or auto loans they might still have outstanding. And friends in need would get medical, house, auto bills paid and a dreamed-of vacation.

Probably should have been first thought – Pay 75% of it back to the state and federal governments in taxes.

Any left?  I’d buy the best cappuccino maker/frother, a good supply of premium espresso beans and a grinder, and the best-tasting fresh imported water I could find.


Photo by Giorgio Trovato on Unsplash



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