BOOK REVIEW – The Case of the Cooked Goose, What Came Before Civility Rules

A Harlow Brothers Mystery by Jacqueline Vick  (Author) 

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

The Harlow Brothers – Edward and Nicholas – are as unlike as you can get and still be in the same family. Nicholas is a fun loving, trick-playing, casual-dressing, happy (but broke) young guy.  On the hand, Edward is an upright (up tight?), prim and proper, bridge and cricket-loving, suit and tie wearting gentleman. Nicholas is constantly “between jobs” whereas Edward has a sweet job as a writer of popular books.

Now don’t laugh, but this handsome, well-built, former football player writes books on etiquette (manners) under the pseudonym of Aunt Civility. (think Dear Heloise.)  Of course he guards this secret ferociously.

Their murder mystery capers in the following three books show them bickering over nicities and sloppiness, but they do work quite well together to solve crimes. Nicholas with boots on the road and Edward in cerebral contemplations. It works.

In the Cooked Goose, we see the Brothers – Nicholas eagerly, Edward reluctantly – going to a live stage production of aTV series Nicholas LOVED as a boy – Grandpa Goose and Grandma Gander. (Yes, I know!) Sammy Spade is the actor – very old now – who is playing Grandpa Goose on stage.

Nicholas is so excitied to be able to finally see him in person. But at the same time he is nervous about meeting him. So, before the show he sneaks backstage to see if he can just see him for a “sec.” He does, but a lot of other things happen in the crowded backstage and the “Goose” is cooked.  Well, he collapses dead on stage. Guess who is the prime suspect!

The following chapters show poor Nicholas trying to find SOMEONE ELSE who could have murdered Sammy. Edward feels sorry for him and we glimpse just a bit of his skills trying to get his brother out of hot water.  It’s a lot of fun, and the writing is tongue-in-cheek hilarious at times. At the end, Nicholas finds himself in a permanent job that he didn’t necessarily see coming and one he maybe wouldn’t have chosen.

The Case of the Cooked Goose  is a quick, funny, twisty mystery that sets the stage perfectly for the following books in the series.



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