BOOK REVIEW – Christmas in Winter Hill

Melody Carlson (Author), Marisa Blake (Narrator)

An Audibook Review by Jackie Houchin

 Christmas in Winter Hill is another happy story by Melody Carlson, who knows how to write books that cheer you (even when things are going badly and you think all is lost), and assure you that everything really will turn out for the best. That girl or mom or widow or old maid will find love and warmth and their financial problems will be somehow resolved.

That’s what happened in this book, when it looked like Christmas was going to be just one more disaster in a long list of disappointments for single mom Crystal and her young daughter Emily. Crystal was hired as the new City Manager of the Christmas themed town, but right from the start she bucks heads with the Treasurer.  She also puts the kabash on a planned Christmas celebration. Soon bad vibes are running through the town about the new woman who was messing things up.

But her little daughter innocently saves the day and the Chirstmas celebration by believing in herself and Santa and SNOW. Enjoyable if predictable. Perfect for a chilly winter night. Clean and cozy.

FOUR Stars




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