BOOK REVIEW – The Inspector & Mrs Jeffries, Book 1

by Emily Brightwell (Author), Lindy Nettleton (Narrator)

An Audiobook Review by Jackie Houchin

I enjoyed this book as the first in the series. I plan to read more so I wanted to see how it all began.
The investigation of the murder of a dispicable doctor whom no one, and I mean NO ONE, likes has a surprise, but very satisfactory, ending. Watching how Mrs Jeffries (and the entire household staff) help Inspector Witherspoon.solve mystery, while not letting on about their assistance, is the fun part. He must be a tad dim-witted but they all love him and he manages to come up with the final decision that brings it all together. Of course all of Scotland Yard is impressed by HIS proweress, not suspectiing that he has mega help doing it.
The narrator, Lindy Nettleton voices everyone – women and men – very well.
On to the next in the series: “Mrs. Jeffries Dusts For Clues”.  (There are 40 books in the series!!!)

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