Book Review: Enchanted; the Ring, the Rose, and the Rapier

by G.B. Pool

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

ENCHANTED by G. B. Pool, is a well written tale set in two times periods; the present and the early 1800’s. It’s about old theatres and plays, an ancient stone mansion, a handsome ghost who is trapped by a binding chain of oath, and a young girl who believes in him.

When Clare’s health begins to fail, her parents believe it is her fascination with the ghost “nonsense.” As she continues to get sicker, and fearing for her life and sanity, they whisk her far away, hoping with time she will forget and get better. But Clare never forgets or stops believing in her ghost

Early on, I suspected where the evil that held Justin and sickened Clare was coming from, but it wasn’t until the very end that the cause is truly revealed in its ugliness.

The three items in the title – the ring, the rose, and the rapier – don’t come into play until the last chapters, but when they do, look out for the fireworks. The earlier chapters are indeed “enchanted.”  They build the suspense and intrigue while teaching about the ins and outs (and taboos) of live theatre in the time of Shakespeare.

This book has a classic “good-versus-evil” theme, and other than of the obvious darkness of the villain, it is a clean read. Romantics of all ages will enjoy it, but maybe especially younger girls of Clare’s age. Once started, ENCHANTED is hard to put down.

FOUR 1/2 Stars





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