Book Review: Hotel Mallorca, An Elaine Pearson Mystery

by Susan Linden Emde

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

I couldn’t finish this book. Sorry. I read about 1/3, then flipped to lhe last chapter to see how it ended.

I had visited Mallorca the month before and wanted to read a mystery set there. There was only “Mistaken In Mallorca” and this one. I have to say, both are older books, and a bit repetetive and, yes, boring. (I got through about the same amount in the other book before turning to the end.)

A woman, feeling slighted by her husband, decides to take a vacation by herself in Mallorca, a place she’d read about in a book she’d liked. She stays in the Hotel mentioned in the book and takes long, timid drives around the island, seeing almost nothing for fear of getting lost, all the while complaining about the people, the cyclists, the roads, and the food. She’s afraid to do anything the least bit challenging.

At the hotel, she happens to see a “maybe” incident out her room window, of the man in the room below hers. (It’s reflected in the window of the building across the alley. At least this is clever.) But…. well, you can try it on your own. Perhaps you will like it more than I did. The only thing I did like was when her husband comes to her rescue, and is rather sweet.

2 1/2 STARS






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