Book Review: Conspirators’ Club

by Elena Jagar

A Book Review by Jackie Houchin

I thought CONSPIRATORS’ CLUB by Elena Jagar, would be a juvenile type mystery-adventure, but it is a true mystery with evil villains who have a history of violence, jewel theft, and blackmail. And the schoolmaster at the boarding school would make Cruella Deville look like a kitten.

The school on Shadow Skeery (meaning a rocky island) seems more like a prison. Meals are skimpy, rooms and showers are icy. And detention is like being on a chain gang. The kids are threatened and mis-treated. Most have parents who stick them there to avoid discipline problems.

And so, a group of four 6th graders became the secret Conspirators Club, not to cause anyone injury, but to mess things up for the evil headmaster, and maybe get some good things to happen. They plan and execute, and sometimes suffer consequences. But that doesn’t stop them.

Of course, they get in a lot deeper than they realize when they try to investigate a dastardly on-going crime. There are caves and secret passageways to aid (or trap) them, and then help from an unexpected source.

This is a book that will keep 9–14-year-old kids glued to the pages. The problem at Shadow Skeery is serious, the mystery a challenge, and the suspense never stops. A right good and satisfying ending too!

FIVE stars




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